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With his advanced expertise on aesthetic facial rejuvenation, our plastic surgeon, Scott Miller, MD, FACS, has contributed to a textbook written for current and future surgeons. This book is primarily in honor of, organized by, and a testament to the career of Dr. Bruce Connell, a world-renowned leader in aesthetic facial plastic surgery, under whom Dr. Miller completed an aesthetic cosmetic surgery fellowship. Most of the authors are either Dr. Connell’s former fellows or respected colleagues who he felt have made a substantial contribution and innovation in the field of aesthetic facial plastic surgery. Dr. Miller is proud to be included in the ranks and in the pages alongside these distinguished surgeons.

The book is a guide that offers not only advanced techniques used to achieve beautiful, natural results, but also overriding approaches and philosophies essential to providing aesthetic, lasting improvements. With this comprehensive knowledge, Dr. Miller believes surgeons can more effectively help patients rejuvenate their appearance as well as regain their self-esteem.

The chapter Dr. Miller wrote covers the history of endoscopic brow lifting and its controversies. The section takes the reader through the events and evolution that enabled the endoscopic brow lift revolution to gain a foothold and eventually become the gold standard for aesthetic rejuvenation of the brow and forehead. Additionally, the concerns of balance, proportion, and aesthetics are emphasized. These aspects have allowed the endoscopic brow lift to evolve from a technical achievement of tissue movement to an enduring tool in the realm of beautification.

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