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Committed to utilizing the most innovative, beneficial techniques available, Dr. Scott Miller offers brow lift surgery via an endoscope at his San Diego practice. Our surgeon has undergone extensive training in aesthetic facial rejuvenation and has even written a textbook chapter on the endoscopic brow lift. The procedure, he says, holds numerous advantages over the traditional, more invasive brow lift.

Endoscopic brow lift surgery involves small incisions behind the hairline, through which tiny instruments are inserted to perform the surgery. It is a less invasive alternative that Dr. Miller is proud to offer his patients, as it typically results in a more comfortable, shorter recovery period. The procedure has shown to rejuvenate the brow, forehead, upper eyelid area, and outer upper eye region. Its primary benefit, however, is in maintaining balance of the face when other rejuvenative procedures are performed on the lower and mid face. By addressing the upper, forehead area of the face, the cheek is properly repositioned into its proportions and appearance of youth.

If certain areas of the face are enhanced for a more youthful appearance, while others are not addressed, this can create an unnatural appearance, making it obvious that work has been done on the individual. To avoid this, Dr. Miller stresses the importance of proper evaluation, assessment, and surgical planning. He looks at each patient, taking note of how aging has affected various areas of their face – from this he can determine the specifics of the patient’s  procedure to achieve proper balance of the face.

To learn if the endoscopic brow lift procedure can help you achieve your goals, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon.