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There are multiple ways to achieve balanced facial definition. Most often, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Miller is able to achieve a natural, youthful appearance by utilizing one’s own facial tissue through lifting and supporting facial muscles, as well as structural fat grafting. In some cases, a facial implant can be of use.

Facial implants can provide long-lasting enhancement to different areas of the face, such as the chin, cheeks, or jaw. By augmenting these areas, you can add definition to a weak chin or jawline as well as increase fullness in sunken-looking cheeks.

Candidates for the Facial Implants

To be a good candidate for facial implants, you must be in generally good health, not smoke, and have realistic expectations about your outcome. In addition, those who can benefit from the procedure typically have one or more of the following cosmetic concerns:

Whether or not facial implants can help you achieve your aesthetic goals will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Miller. It is important to note that implants cannot significantly smooth wrinkles or address sagging skin. If you show signs of aging that may not be effectively resolved with implants, Dr. Miller may recommend a facelift, brow lift, or another facial rejuvenation procedure.

The Facial Implants Procedure

Once a personalized treatment plan has been developed, Dr. Miller will educate you on what you can expect throughout your facial implant procedure. Incision placement will ultimately depend upon the area that needs augmentation. Facial implants for the cheeks, chin, or jaw can typically be inserted through an incision in the mouth, making it easy to conceal potential scarring. Dr. Miller will position the implant to ensure it creates the desired contour, while maintaining a very natural-looking profile.

Recovery from Facial Implants

Improvement in your facial contour should be apparent immediately following your surgery. However, due to bruising and swelling, it may take months to see your final results. Any discomfort felt during your recovery can typically be well-controlled with medication. More specific details of your recovery and results will be discussed with you prior to your surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.

To learn more about facial implants, please contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Miller.