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Among the many effective dermal fillers available at our practice is the exclusive RHA® Collection developed by Revance® Aesthetics—a high-quality selection of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers designed to smooth and reduce dynamic wrinkles. As the latest innovation in hyaluronic acid filler technology, the products in the RHA® line are unsurpassed in their quality, chemical composition, and the longevity of the results achieved. Board-certified plastic surgeon Scott Miller, MD, FACS was chosen specifically by Revance® Aesthetics to offer the RHA® collection at Miller Cosmetic Surgery for the La Jolla and San Diego community. This line of products is only available at a small number of aesthetic practices that have a reputation for achieving a high standard of results.

What Sets the RHA® Collection Apart From Other Dermal Fillers?

Short for “Resilient Hyaluronic Acid,” the dermal fillers in the RHA® collection are the first of their kind—they are the only HA fillers FDA-approved to treat dynamic wrinkles and facial folds, which refer to the creases that develop from repetitive facial movements. In addition, the manufacturing process for RHA® fillers differs from the chemical design of other hyaluronic acid-based fillers. A gentle production protocol with few chemical modifications helps preserve the natural structure of the formula’s HA molecules, allowing RHA® fillers to more closely mimic the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that keeps your skin looking full and youthful. In turn, RHA® fillers move with your natural facial expressions in the most dynamic areas of the face without appearing artificial or unnatural.

Which Filler in the RHA® Collection is Right for Me?

RHA® fillers are designed to smooth dynamic wrinkles based on the depth and severity of creasing experienced. There are three formulas in the collection that are manufactured to move seamlessly with the demands of one’s facial expressions:

All three formulas are approved for patients aged 22 and older. During the treatment process, an ultra-fine needle is used to carefully deliver RHA® into the targeted layer of the dermis. The treated area(s) is gently massaged to distribute the product evenly into dynamic facial folds, and the HA is then naturally absorbed by the body over the next several months. After injections, patients are free to continue their day without the need for recovery or extensive downtime.

How Long Do Results From RHA® Fillers Last?

RHA® fillers are clinically proven to last as long as 15 months after injections, offering long-lasting and effective rejuvenation of the facial tissues. Results from treatment should be visible immediately. Some minor swelling may occur, but this is typically resolved by applying an ice pack to the area for 5 to 10 minutes.

Miller Cosmetic Surgery was hand-selected to offer the RHA® collection from countless aesthetic providers due to our reputation for providing truly superior patient outcomes. Reach out to our practice online or by calling (858) 453-3133 to book your appointment for treatment with RHA® fillers today.