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Dr_Bruce_ConnellOver seventeen years ago, Dr. Scott Miller had the foresight and honor to train in a plastic surgery fellowship under Dr. Bruce F. Connell. Little did Dr. Miller know that this fellowship would be one of the most influential parts of his surgical training.

Dr. Connell, who is considered the “Father of the Modern Face Lift,” is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who teaches the intricacies of achieving a natural, beautiful appearance through aesthetic plastic surgery. A fundamental belief that guides much of his teaching is that people simply want to look refreshed like they used to. While there is no clear definition of beauty, Dr. Connell communicated the importance of how dimensions and balance play a role in what society views as naturally “beautiful.”

With the recent announcement of Dr. Connell’s retirement, Dr. Miller would like to celebrate an era brought on by Dr. Connell’s enlightened teachings. Although the influential surgeon plans to “slow down” with his surgical offerings, he says, “I’m limiting my practice to charity work and teaching.” Dr. Miller looks forward to continuing Dr. Connell’s legacy of helping patients achieve the ever-evolving concept of natural beauty through well thought out and meticulously performed cosmetic plastic surgery.