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lipo-alternative-san-diegoLiposuction has become a highly popular procedure for body contouring, and with the constant advancements in plastic surgery, patients have different liposuction techniques from which to choose. At our practice, patients can opt for traditional liposuction or a water-assisted version called “Body-Jet®.”

Both types of liposuction can provide excellent results, but our plastic surgeon explains that Body-Jet® liposuction has its unique advantages. Unlike the traditional procedure that uses the force of a microcannula to dislodge excess fatty tissue, Body-Jet® utilizes a saline spray that is sent out of the tip of the microcannula to loosen the tissue. The fatty tissue is then removed through suction, which contours the targeted area in the process. This water-assisted feature gently removes the excess fat for a more gentle contouring.

Patients undergoing Body-Jet® liposuction can also benefit from an improved recovery process. Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn what you can expect following the water-assisted body contouring procedure.

If you wish to learn more about the procedure, or if would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Miller, please contact us today.