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As discussed in our recent blog post comparing Body-Jet® liposuction to traditional liposuction, the unique, water-assisted body contouring technique has been shown to be less invasive than the traditional fat removal process; it even reduces damage of the surrounding tissue. As a result of the gentler contouring, Dr. Scott Miller reveals that the recovery can often be shortened by up to 70%.

During the Body-Jet® procedure, patients are fully anesthetized, which provides a virtually pain-free surgery. Following the operation, the area treated will be sore, but the discomfort felt is often less than what patients usually experience with traditional liposuction. Dr. Miller explains that patients who have undergone the water-assisted procedure can generally return to most of their normal activities within five days. Patients should be able to resume their full routine within the first two weeks, and they will no longer need to wear the special compression garments at that point.

The innovative technique has proven to be highly beneficial for patients wishing to contour stubborn areas of fat. For more information about what you can expect during the Body-Jet® process, please schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon.