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Dr. Scott Miller is known for achieving remarkable results in cosmetic surgery for men and women alike. As an extensively-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Miller understands the nuances of facial and body structure and how they differ between men and women. Dr. Miller helps men attain their aesthetic ideals by highlighting their masculine features. Whether you seek a more proportional and harmonious balance between your facial features, desire treatment for gynecomastia, or simply wish to eradicate exercise-resistant body fat, Dr. Miller can work with you to fulfill your treatment goals in the most effective way possible. Feel free to explore the many surgical and non-surgical male enhancement procedures we offer for the face and body.

Male Facial Plastic Surgery

Although women make up a large percentage of those undergoing cosmetic surgery, more and more men are seeking plastic surgery to look more youthful and restore their confidence. Dr. Miller customizes each facial plastic surgery procedure to help men achieve their facial rejuvenation goals while maintaining a masculine aesthetic.

facial plastic surgery

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

While it is normal for men to experience some degree of breast growth during puberty, excess breast tissue that does not resolve itself throughout the years is medically referred to as gynecomastia. This condition is characterized by lingering breast fullness that remains resistant to exercise and toning efforts. Gynecomastia often creates self-consciousness for many patients, and our practice offers treatment for the condition with male breast reduction – a procedure designed to remove excess breast fat and/or tissue in order to give the chest a flatter appearance. Like all of the surgeries he performs, Dr. Miller utilizes advanced techniques that can minimize scarring and create a natural-looking result.

male breast reduction (gynecomastia)

Male Plastic Surgery

Now, more than ever, men are electing to undergo surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Because male and female anatomy differ, procedures performed on men must be approached uniquely. Dr. Miller has extensive experience performing a variety of male plastic surgery treatments on men and is known for natural results. Male patients can obtain the look they desire while maintaining masculinity and avoiding an “overdone” look. Whether you wish to treat gynecomastia, or are simply interested in treating signs of aging with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty or dermal fillers, Miller Cosmetic Surgery has a variety of options that can complement the male physique and help patients look and feel like their best selves.

male plastic surgery