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Similar to myths that purport “breast exercises” as non-surgical alternatives to breast reduction, “brow lift exercises” are not an effective or recommended way to rejuvenate the forehead. Not only do facial exercises fail to lift an aging brow, but performing these actions can actually deepen (or form) wrinkles and creases. Many wrinkles in the upper face are caused by repetitive facial expressions, therefore needlessly contorting the face can accelerate the development of fine lines and actually make you look older. 

If you start to notice sagging of the brow or other signs of upper facial aging, such as frown lines and creases along the width of the forehead, our plastic surgery practice in San Diego offers surgical and non-surgical solutions. These treatment options are powerful, effective, and designed with lasting results in mind: 

Dr. Scott Miller or our skilled aesthetic team would be happy to help you find an optimal treatment for your needs and preferences. We encourage you to contact Miller Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation, or to learn more about the various facial rejuvenation services offered at our practice.