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Doctor ConsultationAs part of our mission to provide patients with a thorough understanding of what they can expect during their procedure, Dr. Scott R. Miller utilizes the innovative TouchMD system. This technology includes a touchscreen computer at our office as well as software available via an online portal. During a patient’s consultation, Dr. Miller uses the interactive program as a visual aid as he educates the patient about potential treatments that can help them reach their aesthetic goals.

TouchMD involves a number of features that can improve doctor-patient communication and provide a more comprehensive education. The system includes information about our practice, including Dr. Miller’s expertise, to help patients understand the type of care we provide. TouchMD also offers a video library with demonstrations of various procedures and a gallery of before and after pictures of Dr. Miller’s patients.

To help patients understand how to prepare for their procedure, details are available with information about what can be expected before and after surgery. Additionally, using the patient’s own images, Dr. Miller can demonstrate what a procedure can potentially offer a patient in relation to their goals.

To learn more about TouchMD, or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Miller, please contact us today!