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The Plasma Blade . . . precision of a scalpel . . .
with the benefits of a laser . . .

The Plasma Blade delivers on the unfulfilled promise of lasers. Using radio frequency plasma energy it allows faster healing and less scarring by decreasing tissue damage and bleeding. Bruising is down so recovery is quicker.

For decades, surgeons have relied on scalpels to make incisions. More recently, lasers have been used, but they tend to be less precise and can cause damage to surrounding tissue. A new device, the Plasma blade, uses radio frequency instead of a physical blade to make precise incisions in a technique known as “Plasma Surgery.” The Plasma Blade is manufactured by Peak Surgical and recently received FDA clearance.

Using this new technology and artistic design, we can provide many patients with a flatter abdomen, more youthful breasts, and a rejuvenated facial appearance while decreasing downtime and scarring.

The key here is not technology for the technology sake. The Plasma Blade offers true benefits to plastic surgery patients (as well as patients in other areas).

Typically, blood collects in the tissues like fluid in a sponge. This could take weeks to absorb and causes discomfort. Thus, by coagulating as it cuts, the Plasma Blade decreases the bruising and pain. As the device uses radio frequency energy (Plasma) instead of thermal energy (heat), there is less tissue injury, resulting in less scarring and increased safety.