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Woman EyesDark circles are often considered telltale signs of tiredness and exhaustion. Although these shadows may indeed indicate a sleepless night, the truth is a fatigued look can be persistent no matter how well-rested you feel. Dark circles can sometimes be the result of puffy eyes and under-eye bags, which are caused by bulging or protruding fat deposits. This bulging fat casts shadows near the eye contour, leading to the “exhausted” appearance that patients often try to avoid. These shadows can also be emphasized when the region under the eyes becomes more hollow with the natural aging process. For all of these reasons, eye creams and skincare products that do nothing to reposition the protruding fat may only have limited effectiveness in erasing dark shadows.

Smoothing and brightening dark, puffy eyes can be very challenging using natural remedies alone, but lower blepharoplasty — also known as an eyelid lift — is a procedure clinically proven to help achieve a more rejuvenated and energetic appearance. Through discreet and undetectable incisions, the bulging fat creating the look of puffy, shadowed eyes is repositioned to restore a smooth and youthful contour. Not only can a lower eyelid lift achieve results that look natural, but the procedure is also the most powerful way to attain long-term results that endure for years to come.

Miller Cosmetic Surgery can help San Diego and La Jolla-area patients look more energetic without producing obvious signs of surgery. Contact our practice today to learn how our board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon can provide you with naturally beautiful results.