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ModelWhen consulting individuals who seek facial rejuvenation, jowls and loose neck skin are typically among the primary characteristics that prematurely age a patient’s appearance. Jowls, which refer to the skin that accumulates on either side of the jawline, can develop as early as a person’s early thirties and may be exacerbated by sun damage, genetics, or smoking, among other factors. Although a personal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary to determine the best way to address your facial aging, jowls can generally be improved by both surgical and non-surgical treatments. That said, a cosmetic procedure like a facelift is considered the most powerful approach to achieve and maintain long-term results. 

At our San Diego practice, Dr. Scott Miller improves jowls by working within the deeper SMAS layer of the face. Rather than simply removing excess skin, Dr. Miller rejuvenates the underlying tissues to avoid the “plastic,” frozen, or overly tight look associated with a poorly performed facelift. In turn, jowls can be smoothed by: 

While a facelift and neck lift can be completed as separate treatments, Dr. Miller usually performs both procedures together to ensure a comprehensive, harmonious outcome that looks natural. Since the face and neck often age simultaneously, combining a facelift and neck lift can offer more complete rejuvenation and help renew the entire lower face. 

If you have any questions about how facial plastic surgery can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, please don’t hesitate to contact Miller Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation or to learn more.