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With recent happenings in Europe regarding defective silicone PIP breast implants and the gross negligence on the part of the implant manufacturer, people with implants maybe wondering, just what type of implant they have.

Right after breast augmentation surgery most patients are anxious to know what size and type of implant was used. However once the initial excitement fades and the patient become used to having an implant they tend to forget the specifics.

To those of us in the Plastic Surgery field, company names like Mentor and Allergan and terms like high profile, moderate and gel are all used and understood on a daily basis. But most patients would not know or remember what company manufactured their breast implants or better yet, still have the paperwork stating such information.

It is very important that patients keep the information on the manufacturer, style and fill of their implants. This information should be made part of their personal medical record, kept either at home or with their Primary Care Physician in addition to being kept in their medical record at their Surgeons office.

It is important to be clear that the implants in question were never distributed or used in the United States. This is a great reminder of one of the many benefits of avoiding surgical tourism. Just like buying beef or poultry at the supermarket, having your medical care in the United States has many hidden safeguards which work in a patient’s best interest.