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As with any major surgery, it is possible for liposuction patients to experience potential side effects during their recovery. Though post-operative pain is typically minimal, an oral medication can be prescribed to easily manage any physical discomfort. Mild bruising and swelling are normal, and usually dissipate within 4-8 weeks of surgery. Some patients may also feel temporary numbness at the target area during this initial stage of recovery.

Depending upon candidacy, Dr. Scott Miller may use Body Jet Liposuction technology, which offers the benefits of less bruising and an abbreviated recovery. Utilizing a pulse of saline fluid, excess fat can be broken down more easily, allowing for a faster and more precise removal process. While traditional liposuction typically entails a rest period of 1-2 weeks before returning to normal daily activities, Body Jet Liposuction can have patients moving around normally within 3-5 days. Additionally, traditional liposuction patients are recommended to avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks while Body Jet Lipo patients can often return to exercise safely after just two weeks.

To learn more about liposuction recovery, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller, please contact our office today.