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When liposuction is performed in order to slim and contour the body, this process is referred to as liposculpture. Since liposculpture entails reshaping areas of the body including the abdomen, hips, arms, thighs, buttocks, and chin, selecting a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon with an artistic eye can be essential for achieving a figure that looks toned and natural. Without this care and attention to detail, contour irregularities such as bulges, depressions, or asymmetry may be visible. To help further smooth and shape the body after liposuction surgery, Dr. Scott Miller recommends his patients wear a tight-fitting elastic garment to maximize their results.

Since liposuction is not designed to eliminate excess skin, patients with loose skin or who have a significant amount of fat removed may occasionally find that their skin sags. During the consultation process, Dr. Miller will perform a physical exam and help determine how much fat can be safely removed as well as help predict post-surgical skin laxity. For some patients, Dr. Miller may recommend combining liposuction with a procedure such as tummy tuck surgery to keep the skin taut and smooth.

Finally, some liposuction patients can experience a discoloration of the skin at the surgical site. This change in color of the skin can be permanent, although the risk of this condition is typically very low. At Miller Cosmetic Surgery, we can use our Body Jet Liposuction technique to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissues, lowering the risk for damaged healthy tissues or nerves. Dr. Miller will carefully review the risks of liposuction during your consultation so you can make an educated decision about your body and your health.

For more information about the risks associated with liposuction, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller, please contact our office today.