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Close-up of a woman as she touches her nose with both fingersWe all know that a proportional nose shape is one of the most prominent factors that influence overall facial harmony. This is largely why rhinoplasty is considered a “surgery of millimeters,” meaning the most seemingly small adjustments can make a huge impact on the balance of your facial features. That said, a hump or bump in the nasal bridge is one of the most prevalent issues that lead men and women to start considering rhinoplasty. Without aesthetic treatments, a nasal bump will never go away or straighten out on its own. La Jolla-based plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Miller offers both temporary and permanent solutions to address a hump in the nasal bridge and restore a more refined, symmetrical appearance.

Rhinoplasty is, by far, the most effective procedure to correct a range of perceived flaws in the nose shape, including a bump in the nasal bridge. The procedure allows Dr. Miller to manipulate the bones, cartilage, and soft tissues of the nose with surgical precision, thereby leaving patients with a lifelong enhancement. Best of all, the nasal bridge can be smoothed during rhinoplasty with virtually no visible evidence of surgery. However, non-surgical remedies can also help temporarily repair a nasal hump. Dr. Miller offers an innovative treatment called a “liquid rhinoplasty,” which recontours the nasal bridge using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. In addition to improving the nose without discomfort or downtime, a liquid rhinoplasty can also help you envision what the potential results of a surgical rhinoplasty could look like if you’re not ready for surgery — although patients should keep in mind that rhinoplasty offers much more accurate, enduring, and customized results than fillers can achieve.

Dr. Miller would be happy to listen to your concerns in person and create an optimal treatment plan to recontour your nose, allowing you to enjoy a more balanced aesthetic. Contact Miller Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation at our La Jolla-based office for more information.