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A woman looking at her eyes in a mirrorIf you look tired all the time despite getting a full night’s rest, the quality of your sleep may not be the cause. There are many signs of aging that can unintentionally make you look exhausted, including excess eyelid skin, wrinkling in the corners of your eyes, puffiness in the lower lids, and “hooding.” These concerns typically develop naturally due to your genetics, facial expressions, and age, as well as from lifestyle factors like smoking and unprotected sun exposure. In either case, signs of aging can mask your true emotions and make you look less alert than you feel.

While the ideal solution varies for every patient, brightening tired eyes can simply be a matter of smoothing the eyelid contours. Effective treatments may include:

Results from eyelid surgery can look remarkably natural and we invite you to explore before-and-after photos to learn about the outcomes possible with the procedure. Patients who undergo blepharoplasty are still able to retain the natural character of their face while simply looking like they’ve just come back from a relaxing vacation.

Tired eyes can falsely communicate emotions you may not even be feeling, but there are effective solutions to bring a more refreshed, brighter look to the surface. Contact Dr. Scott Miller today to discuss your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon and learn about the aesthetic procedures that can achieve your goals.