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A joint procedure consisting of blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery is a very common treatment plan for patients seeking rejuvenation of their upper face. Just as the lower face and neck typically age together, the eyes and brow tend to age concurrently as well. For this reason, one surgery combining eyelid and brow lift surgery can be one of the best ways for patients to comprehensively restore a more lively and refreshed appearance. 

An all-encompassing blepharoplasty plus brow lift treatment plan may benefit patients who:

One of the main advantages of combining a brow lift and eyelid surgery is the ability to reap the benefits of both procedures for only one recovery period. The cost of the joint treatment plan can also be more affordable than the price of pursuing each surgery separately, as fees for operating room time, supplies, and anesthesia are only applied towards one procedure.

Dr. Scott Miller is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who frequently performs the dual eyelid and brow lift procedure for patients in San Diego and elsewhere. He can personalize your treatment plan to achieve stunning results that complement your natural beauty. If you have any questions, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller, please don’t hesitate to contact Miller Cosmetic Surgery today.