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At the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Scott R. Miller, we are committed to our patients’ safety, satisfaction, and overall care. As we strive to provide aesthetic results through state-of-the-art procedures, our team is transparent with patients, helping them achieve their goals through the most conservative treatments possible. With this honesty and genuine care for our patients’ well-being, our board-certified plastic surgeon and staff have earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in San Diego.

The BBB only considers businesses for accreditation that have a positive rating and favorable reviews. It is a status that is important to our current and prospective patients as well as our practice, as it proves Dr. Miller and the rest of our team are operating as ethical providers. We are proud to maintain a positive rating, which sends a strong message of our quality and integrity as a practice.

Our mission is to exceed the standards the BBB has set for businesses, as we are dedicated to providing patients with not only beautiful results, but high-quality, comfortable care. We are proud to be an accredited BBB practice, offering patients peace of mind, whether they are new to our practice or a returning patient.

For more information about our practice, or to schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon, please contact us today!