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In general, Dr. Scott Miller recommends that most patients wait to undergo breast augmentation until they are finished having children and breastfeeding. However, he also understands that even with careful planning, patients may change their minds. If you are one of these individuals, the good news is that a pregnancy after breast augmentation should not impact the integrity of your breast implants.

Even without becoming pregnant, your breasts will continue to change slightly as you age. A pregnancy after breast augmentation can increase the degree of these changes, since the natural breast tissues typically swell and enlarge during this time. In addition, after breastfeeding, the natural breast tissues tend to reduce in overall volume and can often leave sagging or excess skin. The presence of a breast implant in this situation can even amplify the amount of skin that becomes stretched.

Ultimately, these changes are not predictable and can vary widely from woman to woman. Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, you can visit an experienced plastic surgeon if you are unhappy with the new appearance of your breasts. In most cases, a breast lift can be performed to eliminate sagging and excess skin, returning your breasts to a more youthful position. Additionally, a second breast augmentation can be performed if you feel your breasts have lost a significant amount of overall volume. Also known as breast revision surgery, this procedure allows you to increase the size of your implants and restore the shape of the breasts to your pre-pregnancy figure.

To learn how you can achieve your cosmetic goals with breast surgery, please contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Miller.