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If you have large, heavy breasts that place an uncomfortable or even painful strain on your body, you may have wondered whether dieting and exercise could potentially help you achieve some relief from the burdens of excessive breasts. Despite the prevalence of workouts claiming to yield results comparable to a “natural breast reduction,” exercising and eating healthy are rarely effective in diminishing the symptoms of large breasts. These efforts can certainly help you lose weight, but this weight loss does not usually specifically target the chest area. Plus, overly large breasts can cause discomfort like chafing, rashes, and bra strap indentations while exercising, often making any type of physical activity difficult to engage in. 

At the moment, a breast reduction procedure is the only way to truly alleviate the burdens of large breasts while reconstructing a lighter and more aesthetic breast shape. Plastic surgeon Scott Miller, MD reduces the breasts by removing excess skin, fat deposits, and glandular tissue, thereby achieving an optimal breast size that complements your unique body proportions. Most, if not all, women who undergo breast reduction find the outcome extremely rewarding and enjoy benefits such as:

Please contact our practice if you would like to learn more about the benefits of breast reduction or if would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Miller.