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One of the most common concerns among breast augmentation patients is selecting breast implants that are either too big or too small. With nearly 20 years of experience performing the popular procedure, Dr. Scott Miller has perfected the art of the consultation to ensure patients are receiving the most appropriate implant size for their aesthetic goals. He works closely with each individual to discuss what they hope to achieve through surgery and conducts a physical examination to determine what their personalized treatment plan should entail.

During the exam, Dr. Miller will take measurements of the patient’s anatomy and assess how much breast tissue is currently present. He encourages patients to bring in photo examples of breast looks that they like, such as from his before-and-after gallery, to help him fully understand what they desire. Furthermore, he uses specialized breast implant sizers, made to optimally mimic the appearance a given implant will have in the patient’s body. Placed in a bra and under a t-shirt, these allow patients to see how their clothes will drape and body shape will be impacted with various implant sizes and profiles. With these details, he can recommend a range of breast implant sizes that may help the patient reach their ideal outcome.

Throughout the consultation process, Dr. Miller encourages patients to ask any questions they may have, so he can thoroughly address every concern, helping them make the most informed decision about their surgery.

If you’re ready to schedule your breast augmentation consultation, please contact our office.