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Dr. Scott Miller was recently invited to participate as a special guest on UCSD-TV’s Health Matters. The topic of conversation was “The Latest in Cosmetic Surgery Procedure”. Dr. Miller discussed recent advances that make aesthetic enhancement treatments more accessible with better results and less recovery time. Talking with host David Granet, MD, Dr. Miller offered his opinions on the decision-making process that people go through when considering plastic surgery.

Dr. Miller discussed why both women and men ultimately decide to attain cosmetic enhancement or reconstructive surgery, as well as what prospective patients should look for in a plastic surgeon. He also explained that some of the best plastic surgery and enhancement results are those that are completely natural-looking and unnoticeable.

The televised conversation also went over topics such as Mommy Makeovers; facial and body rejuvenation and recontouring; non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options such as injectables; preventative treatments that can reduce the severity of wrinkles in later years; what patients can expect from the entire plastic surgery treatment process; and the importance of patient education.

In the course of his conversation on UCSD-TV, Dr. Miller was able to talk about a full range of topics and provide answers to many of the questions patients have about plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancement.

The broadcast, which aired on February 16th, is available for viewing at UCSD-TV’s website, or on YouTube.